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My Agenda September 11, 2008

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 So the whole moving thing can really throw your life out of whack.  We left our home in NM on July 22,  heading east with Dad Dad in the Pilot (with the girls) and Charlie in the Jetta with Daddy.  2200 miles later, and a few stops along the way, we made it to Hershey, PA.  Everything just seemed to get greener and greener the further we drove.  It was a good trip and we had a great visit in PA.  Then, we boarded a plane late on August 12 headed to Frankfurt.  One long night later we arrived and found Charlie in baggage claim-no worse for wear.   Literally since we hit the ground we have “rolled” throw a lot of changes and surroundings.  Temporary housing, loaner car (an awesome turquoise Volvo wagon), temporary wardrobes, no internet access for 3 weeks, and …oh yeah, the discovery of a new Haskell joining us this spring.
There have been quite a few adjustments and questions that we have faced. Where would we live after looking through 15-20 villages in 4 days?  Would Claire get into the school and specifically the K class we hoped for?  Where will we go to church?  When will we have friends again??!!  What will I do here?  I could go on and on. 
So, a few weeks into this, what have we learned?  Everything comes in it’s time.  We found a cool home in a great little village, near a bakery and antique dealer, along the bike paths.  So, Jeremy can commute on 2 wheels and I can explore.  Claire began in the German Immersion Kindergarten a week ago and loves it…especially all the friends. 🙂  She’s already singing in German and saying, “do you know how to say…?”  We have visited a few churches and the possibilities are encouraging.  I even gave MOPS a try again, and was pleasantly surprised.  Jeremy’s office couldn’t be a more pleasant place to work and the office spouses and families are so friendly.

I guess Jeremiah 29:11 really never fails.  “For I know the plans I have for you.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you a hope and a future.” 

If I could just remember that more often, in my agenda.


That’s not a good reason! June 27, 2008

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Long time, no posts. Travel, birthdays, moving…lots of reasons. So, we’ve spent a lot of time in the Honda Pilot lately. Too many miles and conversations to recall. But just the other day on our way to pick up Mom Mom and Pop Pop in El Paso, Claire and Eliza had one to remember.

So we have on our hands 2 overly tired little girls in 100 plus heat and strapped into car seats for hours at a time. We’d all be cranky, really. They were talking about something earth-shatteringly important and Eliza’s feelings got hurt. Out of nowhere she tells Claire, “I hate you.” We were a bit taken back, since this is not normal. A “you’re not my friend or sister anymore”, or maybe “i don’t want to play with you”, or just “i’m ignoring you”…these are more commonly hurled statements in moments of extreme frustration.

Jeremy and I look at each other and I tell her that’s not something we feel or say to our family (very wise moment…ha). Claire takes another angle. She says, “Eliza why did you say that?!” Eliza replies, “I just did.” And Claire returns with, ” Well, Eliza that is not a good reason. You don’t just say things like that for no good reason. Like Daddy’s girlfriend (in Jr. High) said she didn’t like him anymore because he had Cheeto cheese all over his fingers. That wasn’t a good reason!!!” So, our wise moments of intervention were once again interrupted by trying to stifle our laughter at Claire’s lecture.

Interesting point…Daddy told Claire that story while they were eating Cheetos about a year and a half ago. Odd how things just pop out at times. 🙂 Oh yes, and Eliza apologized, asked for forgiveness and they moved on to being friends again. All’s well that ends well.


Smokin! May 7, 2008

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(Jeremy writes) We have just returned home with a proud little girl. Claire’s car “Daisy” was an unstoppable force at the Awana Grand Prix. She took 1st place for Speed in Cubbies, 3rd place for overall design and 3rd place overall for fastest car. We found ourselves laughing at how competitive we became during tonight’s main event. It was as if “Daisy” became symbolic of us as parents….Would we squash the competition and prove once and for all that we are superior at shaping a small piece of pine into a lightning fast machine? Yes we did! And what does that prove? I don’t know…but it was a lot of fun. Enjoy the photos!


May Days

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Life has been a bit busy these past few days. For example…

The BIG derby for Claire’s yellow daisy pine car is tonight. Daddy is quite proud of the design and they have high hopes for speed. This event has developed considerably since my days…ban saws, sanders, drills, liquid lead and AMX oil. My goodness! Gone are the days of “doorstop” racers and poster paint. In the midst of trying to live a normal life, our house is on the market, we’re planning an international move, trying to let children be children and gearing up for a big road trip. Why not, right? Don’t feel too bad for us. It’s off to LA and then a kid free trip to Maui, thank you grandparents all around. So this May, may each of you find your happy place… as we momentarily pause life as we know it, to bask in the sun and carefree living. Aloha amigos! 🙂


Amazing… May 1, 2008

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So, imagine you can hear Sara Groves singin “Like a Skin”…I can’t get it to upload. 😦 Well, it happened! When we went to bed, the pupa had turned dark gray. At sunrise, my husband noticed it wiggling now and then. Everyone rushed out of bed to observe it…for quite some time. We tried to get it close to a stick again. Amazingly, just before 7 it reattached and the butterfly made it’s entrance into the world at 7 am MST. We were able to see the whole thing unfold. It’s hanging from the branch and drying it’s wings. (As you’ll see Sleeping Beauty got in our pictures…she’s on the placemat below the bowl. She seems to approve. 🙂

*As I post this during naps, the butterfly has opened completely and tried to fly around the bowl.  Not so fun I imagine.  I think we’ll set her free at dinner tonight. *


Butterfly, Butterfly, where are you? April 30, 2008

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Spirits have lifted in regards to our sleeping friend. Our friends welcomed their butterfly today after much anticipation. When they phoned us, we definitely made a visit part of our day’s activities. My girls enjoyed seeing the final transformation, hoping ours will do the same thing very soon. In the meantime I have found a great site with wonderful observations for those interested in this sort of thing. glorious-butterfly.com has done a superb job in detailing the who, what, where, when, why and how of this process. As they mention, this metamorphosis is a wonderful picture of new life. I am hoping my little ones will be able to use this experience of learning in their own lives someday. They have practiced how to care, be patient, watch and wait for change to occur with eager anticipation of a beautiful change. What a picture of what Christ does in each one of us! So, will our pupa change? (The eager anticipation is certainly not lacking.) Well, the verdict is still out. But we have learned something, nonetheless.


Oops… April 28, 2008

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Claire and Eliza have a healthy fascination with dirt, rocks, prints and bugs (go little girls!), so we were thrilled when their friends shared a caterpillar pupa with us. It has been safely residing in a plastic bowl near a window for over a week. It’s covered, ventilated and has been unaltered since the pupa attached itself to a stick. Until now. They both want it to open and reveal the beautiful butterfly hiding inside. Claire just “checked” it and it fell off the stick. I am wondering if we will ever meet the butterfly…yikes. I guess we can always count on ladybugs. 🙂